Swim League Otters Achieve 1stplace at Blackpool

Today was our first Swim League meet of the season at Blackpool @ 4:15pm.

Age groups in this competition are 12 and under, 14 and under and Opens.

The girls had an absolutely fantastic day with every race 1stor 2nd place being achieved. In the individual swims they got 9 first places out of 13 races, which is amazing. Well done girls.

A special mention to Anna Hulme who competed in 7 races in total (after doing a biathlon earlier too in the day!) and Anna achieved a first and second place in her own individual races and played a key part in the 14 and under and Open relay races.

The boys had a brilliant day too, with 5 first places in the individual races and some really strong relay times achieved. Some of the places achieved especially in the Open category do not do the boys justice as they achieved just as good times as the girls but the competition was tough. The boys got stuck in and their consistent approach to all their races and support to one another paid off with the overall result.   

The individual races had 14 individual wins !!!

Girls: Eleanor Cantwell (18) winning her 50 meter breast, Anna Hulme (13) winning her 50 meters free, Kathryn McEvilly (12) winning her 50 meter back, Bronagh O'Connor (13) winning her 50 meters fly, Katelyn Quirk (11) winning her 50 meters breast and 50 meters fly, Eleanor Rea (10) winning her 50 meters back and Rachel Turton (17) winning her 50 meters free and 50 meters fly.

Boys: Luke Chorley (14)  winning his 50 meter back, Kieran Hennessy (13) winning his 50 meter fly, Richard McKinney (13) winning his 50 meters breast and 50 meters free and Eoin O'Connor (11) winning his 50 meters free.

There were also 7 personal best times achieved in the individual races!

A Thank You,to Adam Hulme who stepped in to cover a swimmer who couldn't make today, great swims.

The final victory of the day was in the cannon which the swimmers put in an overwhelming performance and came first place. Well done to everyone who took part and we look forward to the next gala in April at Salt Ayre. A brilliant start to the 2013 season.This is the first win since we have been part of the league,congratulations! 

Final Result 1st Ormskirk 157 points, 2nd place Blackpool B 143 points, 3rd place Leyland B 120 points, 4th Blackpool C 80 points.  ( times and members page updated)  


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