Saturday had 30 swimmers at Everton Park taking part in the first session of the 2013 Tadpoles L3 competition. There were some excellent individual results and plenty of personal best times achieved.

Medals were awarded for the top five swimmers in each race:


Adam Jones 5th place in the 12 year olds 200 meter breaststroke, 4th place in 200 meter butterfly

Eoin OÆConnor 5th place in the 11 year old 200 meter butterfly

Ethan Scrutton 3rd place in the 12 year olds 200 meter butterfly

The boys 11/12 years old relay medley team also came in 3rd place - Adam Jones ,Eoin OÆConnor ,Ethan Scrutton and Jake Wissett


No medal this weekend, better luck next week.


There were lots of first time swims for younger swimmers so they donÆt achieve personal best times however some great results. Personal best times for the flowing swimmers:


Jack Boswell 200 meter breaststroke, Adam Jones  200 meter breaststroke and 400 meters freestyle ,Sam Ellis 50 meter butterfly, Mathew Russo 200 meters breaststroke and 50 meters butterfly, Adam Scrutton 200 meter breaststroke, Ethan Scrutton 400 meters freestyle and Jake Wissett 400 meter freestyle  = 9 personal bests


Lucy Boswell 400 meter freestyle, Alice Burns 50 meter breaststroke, Grace McManniman  50 meter breaststroke,  Connie Roberts 50 meter breaststroke, 200 meter breaststroke and 50 meter butterfly and Katie Wilkinson 200 meter breaststroke and 400 meter freestyle  

There were some disqualifications through careless mistakes during turns and finishes. This is very disappointing after waiting for a race to start. If you have any doubts  on how to do anything in a race always speak to your coaches before the event and even poolside if needed. All individual swim times now updated.

Good luck to all those swimmers taking part in next Saturdays event

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