Otters win the day at the friendly gala at Huyton

Otters were invited by COLSC to attend a friendly gala at Huyton leisure on Sunday with an early start of 12 noon warm up. It did mean for some swimmers they have attended gals for the last 6 weekends, a massive thank you to everyoneƆs continued support.

The teams competing were Liverpool Penguins , Ormskirk Otters, Bridgefield and Formby.  (There were due to be 5 teams but one withdrew)

From the first set of results Otters lead the way although at some points Formby were quite close behind.

The races were similar to that of Micro league but even some individual swims were only 25 meters rather than 50 so some swimmers felt like they were having a very easy day!  There were lots of relays, and due to the lack of swimmers available in the 13/14 age group and opens especially for the girls , the more experienced swimmers we took had to really swim up for the day with 11 years swimming against 13/14 and 13 years swimming against 16/17.

This did not deter the swimmers at all, and we stormed to victory with final scores being :

1st place   Ormskirk  155  points

2nd place   Formby 135 points

3rd place Liverpool Penguins  97 points

4th place Bridgefield  94 points


All individual swim times updated.      

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