Micro Team Achieve 4th Place at Leyland /Home Gala

Today was our second Micro League meet of the season. Our 9 -12 year old age groups put in a valiant effort at Leyland Leisure Centre.

Congratulations to the 9 year old girls who won their first freestyle relay of the season and of the day (Unfortunately due to a poor change over lost their first place position by a clear 10 meters in the IM relay). This will fall into place as they get more experienced and it wonÆt be long until they win both. This may be due to the excitement of the day however this did not put off any of the swimmers and they all rallied together putting together a good overall team performance.

We would especially like to thank all those swimmers that competed in swims above their age group. This is always difficult however they performed really well. The boys especially put in some fantastic performances. There were some swimmers (boys and girls) competing in 6 to 8 races and sometimes without very little time in between. We are committed to taking the strongest team available on the day and this was reflected as some of the races were very tight . There were one or two swimmers missing due to other commitments but the boys did not let this deter them.

In particular we would like to mention the boys in the 11and 12 age groups. These boys done a wonderful job with only one 12 year old as part of the team and also achieve PBs along the way.
Well done lads.          

The individual races had only 2 wins as the days competition was high, with Eoin OÆConnor (11) winning his 50 meters fly and Sam Ellis (9) winning his 25 meters backstroke. Well done.  
There were also 15 personal best times achieved in the individual races!

Girls: Olivia Greenhouse (9) 25 meters freestyle, Hannah Jones(11) 50 meters breaststroke,  Libby Maitland (9) 50 meters freestyle, Elizabeth McEvilly (9) 25 meters backstroke, Eleanor Rea (11) both her 50 meters backstroke and fly, Katie Robinson (12) 50 meters backstroke and Molly Sharrock 25 meters breast.

Boys: Jack Boswell (9) both his 25 meters breaststroke and fly, Sam Ellis (9) 25 backstroke, Jack Redding (9) 25 meters freestyle, Mathew Russo(10) 25 meters fly,  Ethan Sanders(11) 50 meters backstroke, Shaun Walker (10) 50 meters backstroke.   

The team tried for a final victory of the day in the cannon which the swimmers put in an overwhelming performance and on this occasion came second place.
Well done to everyone who took part and we look forward to the next gala in June at Burnley.

This gala will be very important as we need to try to gain maximum points here and at Wigan to avoid potential swim off at the end of the season.
If swimmers are selected for the team we would really appreciate their attendance in order to secure all important points needed.

Please note when looking at times, all personal records are updated and team results on members page under Micro League tab: all 2nd and 4thplaces in relays were shallow end starts with no diving allowed, hence slightly slower times( and all boys in cannon strat shallow end)  
Also on swimmers individual times, to see relays you must use the drop down on the left hand side to include relay times.

Final Result 1st Liverpool 139pts, 2nd Fleetwood 127pts, 3rd Blackburn 111pts, 4thOrmskirk 108pts.

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