Yesterday the Micro team travelled to Leyland to compete in the 1st Micro league meet of the season.

Our 9 -12 year old age groups done really well with a great level of effort in all events. There were first time ever swims for some swimmers at an external meet and for the 9 year old swimmers as its age at November so some of them are only 8 years old.  

Unfortunately we had some swimmers missing on the day so we had to declare the 9 year old boys race as not all the swimmers were available and we had to make up the team with other swimmers on the day. We would especially like to thank all those swimmers that competed in swims above their age group. This is always difficult however they performed really well.

We also suffered a few disqualifications ( in one race) . This was mainly due to the swimmers lack of experience and we were disqualified in the girls 9 year old medley relay.  

The individual races had 8 wins as the days competition was high, for the boys with Sam Ellis (10) winning all three of his individual races! In the 50 meters back and 25 meters fly. Sam also swam as an 11 year old in the 50 fly and came 1st!!!!   Eoin O'Connor (12) won both his 50 meters free and 50 meters fly, Shaun Walker (11) winning his 50 meters free and Jake Wissett (12) winning his 50 meters back. Well done. And for the girls, Eleanor Rea (12) won in her 50 meters back.
There were also 18 personal best times achieved in the individual races!

Girls: Steph Birch (12) in her 50 meters free, Enna Campbell (9) in her 25 meters breast, Annabelle Corlett (11) 50 meters breast, Olivia Greenhouse (10) in her 50 meters free, Jessica Hodge (10) 25 meters fly, Ella Prescott (9) in her 25 meters back ,Eleanor Rea (12) 50 meters back and Georgia Thomson (10) in her 50 meter back.

Boys: Sam Ellis (10) in his 50 meter fly ( as an 11 year old)   Archie Lawton (10) in his 50 meters free ,Augus Lawton (10) in his 50 meters breast, Dominic McEvilly (9) in his 25 meters breast, Jack Taylor (9) in his 25 meters fly, Shaun Walker (11) in both his 50 meters Back and 50 meters back and Jake Wissett (12) in both his  50 meters breast and 50 meters back.   

The team despite the high level of competition really gave 100% and went for a final victory of the day in the cannon which the swimmers put in an overwhelming performance and won.

We look forward to our next meet next week at Salt Ayre If swimmers are selected for the team we would really appreciate their attendance in order to secure all important points needed.   

Please note when looking at times, all personal records are updated and team results on members page under Micro League tab: all 2nd and 4thplaces in relays were shallow end starts with no diving allowed, hence slightly slower times( and all boys in cannon start shallow end)  
Also on swimmers individual times, to see relays you must use the drop down on the left hand side to include relay times.

Final Result

1st Everton 156pts, 2nd Lancaster 129pts, 3rd Ormskirk 120 pts, 4th   Blackburn 74pts.  

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