Good luck to all 15 Otters attending this years Lancashire County Championships at the Aquatic Centre Manchester. This is a great achievement and all the club coaches, swimmers and parents are very proud of you all.
As a way of recognising this achievement the Club has bought all 15 swimmers special t shirts to wear at the events.
Swimmers who have qualified this year are :
Adam Scrutton  50m Freestyle
Anna Hulme  400m Freestyle
Ashlyn Warnock  50m & 200M Breaststroke
Connie Roberts 200m Breaststroke
Eleanor Rea 50m,100m,200m Backstroke &100m and 200m Freestyle
Ella Prescott 200 IM,50m & 100m Breaststroke,50m Freestyle and 50m Backstroke
Eoin O'Connor 200IM ,50m &100m Butterfly,50m,100m and 200m Freestyle
Ethan Scrutton 50m & 100m Freestyle and 100m & 200m Backstroke
Gabrielle Thompson 50m Freestyle
Georgia Thomson 50m,100m and 200m Backstroke
Jake Wissett 200 IM, 200m Breaststroke,200m Backstroke and 400m Freestyle
Josh Maitland 50m Freestyle
Kieran Hennessy 50m & 100M Butterfly, 50m,100m and 200m Freestyle
Luke Chorley 200IM and 50m Freestyle
Sam Ellis 200IM, 100m &200m Backstroke, 50m, 100m & 200m Butterfly,100m& 200m Breast,100m,200m and 400m Freestyle     

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