***Brilliant Swimming at Microleague Gala 4 Salt Ayre***

Otters faced a final tough meet at Sunday's competition in the latest Microleague Gala at Salt Ayre. The team achieved a brilliant 129 points  to take them temporarily top of the league. There are four other teams to swim next weekend. Current statistics on the Micro League site show depending on the final results we could achieve between third and fifth place depending on the results. However what no other team can take away from us is that our cannon team has achieved the best overall performance and come first WELL DONE! This is another fantastic result. We cannot be beaten by the other teams, so this is wonderful. In addition there were 14 PB's achieved.

Current other statistics show we have two girls and two boys placed in the top ten for the whole of division B for the season. This is brilliant news so an extra special well done to Eoin O'Connor, Shaun Walker, Eleanor Rea and Annabelle Corlett. The relay results also show the girls and boys currently in second position.

I will make sure you are all updated with the final positions next week. Once again a final thank you to all those poolside and especially the swimmers and parents who made the efforts to attend. Thank you.

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