The Otters team performed at todayÆs first round of the 2013 Echo Cup at Everton Park.

In this yearÆs competition there are 13 teams taking part. There were six teams in our round today including Bootle & North, Garston, Hoylake, Everton ,Birkenhead , Ormskirk : Bridgefield did not take part in this round.  

The team put in some fantastic relay and individual swims and the competition was fierce. However there were some careless mistakes with incorrect starts and incorrect turns leading to us 4 disqualifications and losing vital points. There were some errors too with the 9 year old swimmers that were given the benefit of the doubt and luckily no further points were deducted. Several swimmers had to really step up with swimmers being missing due to holidays. There was some disappointing behavior poolside and lots of noise. This is not acceptable and at the next round I expect better behavior and less noise from all swimmers. 

 I would like to thank Adam Jones, Lucy and Jack Boswell and Elizabeth McEvilly for coming straight from their holidays to the gala û airports and motorways thankfully on time: and Annabelle Corlett for sacrificing a party.     

Despite the high level of competitors, there were some excellent races and very tough competitions. In the individual races there were 6 personal best times.

Girls: , Annabelle Corlett (10) in her 50 meters backstroke, Katelyn Quirk (12) in her 50 meters butterfly ,  Libby Maitland (10) in her 50 meters free and Freya Wissett (9) in her 25 meters butterfly.

Boys:  Adam Jones (12) in 50 meters breaststroke and Josh Maitland (12) in his 50 meters backstroke.

However HoylakeÆs performance was excellent on the day and they stormed ahead leading all the way: final points

Hoylake  252 points

Everton 246 points

Garston 184 points

Ormskirk 152 points

Birkenhead 85 points

Bootle North  72 points

Bridgefield  Did not swim 0 points     

Next round is Saturday 28thSeptember and we have the 1pm draw. Invites to follow shortly. Teams drawn against Bootle North, Halton ,Everton, Southport, Crosby, Ormskirk and Bridgefield. Please save the date in your diary. 


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