Echo Cup Round 2 2012

With another late afternoon draw we had the 4pm warm up and 4:30pm start at the second round of this years Echo Cup.
Our swimmers and poolside team put in a fantastic effort on the day. However with winning just 3 of the individual races and being pipped into 2nd place in two relay races we were placed in most races 3rd and 4th position. This would have an impact on the points. On the day placing us out of the five teams present in fourth position. 
As previously explained this years competion is a virtual competition as if all 11 teams were swimming in the pool at the same time. The promotors have collected times at the end of each race and will combine them all together and reallocate points for 1st place achieving 11 points and the slowest team ahieving 1 point.
Before today's competition we were placed in 8th overall position. 
The top 8 teams will be invited to the final, which is always a fantastic afternoon so keep everything crossed we have done enough to reach the final.( October 28th)

All personal swim times have now been updated ( members page to follow) 

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